TFG has been listed on the JSE for 75 years, delivering consistent growth and shareholder returns.

* Numbers relate to a 5-year compound annual growth rate.
# Excluding once-off acquisition costs.


  • Over 8,3 million Rewards customers
  • Successful Rewards programme across cash and credit customers
  • 22 fashion-forward brands trading out of 3 125 outlets in 31 countries globally
  • Customer base primarily LSM 5–10 group
  • Full in-house credit management capability supported by a 1 500-seat call centre
  • 7 brands available online


  • Focus on professionalism, resilience, integrity, dignity and respect, empowerment and excellent service
  • Strong corporate social investment strategy empowering and sustaining the communities in which we operate
  • Experienced executive management team (average of 21 years’ service)
  • Highly structured succession aided by multibrand corporate structure
  • Ongoing talent development and strong performance management culture


  • 5-year headline earnings per share from continuing operations’ compounded growth rate of 14,5% (excluding once-off acquisition costs)
  • Return on equity of 23,9% at March 2016
  • Cash sales growth of 18,4% for the 2016 financial year (including Phase Eight: 59,8%)
  • Market-leading in-house capabilities for store design and upgrades, fashion design and manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art fabric and pattern optimisation systems
  • Quick interpretation of fashion trends
  • Offshore partnerships optimise the sourcing of finished goods in the Far East


  • 5-year compounded turnover growth rate of 16,3%
  • 5-year compounded growth in distributions to shareholders of 14,6%
  • Trading through 3 125 outlets globally and projected to trade through approximately 4 240 outlets by 2021
  • Compounded space growth in Africa of 6,5% over 5 years