Nomination committee


The nomination committee is pleased to provide a report of their activities for the 2016 financial year.


The committee is governed by a charter which sets out its mandate and key responsibilities, and reports are provided to the supervisory board on a quarterly basis.


The key responsibilities of the committee are to ensure the following:

  • There is appropriate board composition by:
    • complying with the King Code of Governance for South Africa 2009 (King III) recommended mix of executive and non-executive directors;
    • complying with the King III recommended practice that the majority of non-executive directors are independent by:
      • ensuring that annual disclosures are completed by each director, and
      • reviewing the independence status of non-executive directors at least annually and ensuring that they are subjected to review by the whole board where required by King III;
    • ensuring that the individual directors possess the relevant skills and experience;
    • ensuring that collectively the board comprises directors with a mix of relevant skills and experience; and
    • ensuring that board diversity (age, gender and race) receives appropriate focus.
  • The board is supported by an appropriate committee structure and committees are chaired by suitably qualified non-executive directors.
  • The composition of the various subcommittees is in accordance with King III recommendations as far as practically possible.
  • The performance of the individual directors, committees and the board as a whole is evaluated from time to time.
  • A recommendation is made to the board in respect of directors who are due to retire by rotation.
  • There is a programme for director induction and a focus on continued education of non-executive directors.
  • Succession planning for the board and its subcommittees and for key senior executives is in place.
  • Talent development of senior executives is taking place and the committee remains abreast of all proposed senior staffing changes.


At the year end, the committee comprised two independent non-executive directors and one non-executive director. In addition, the CEO attends meetings of this committee by invitation.

Meeting attendance

Name of member 4 May 2015 31 August 2015 8 March 2016
M Lewis (Chairman)
S E Abrahams
R Stein
A D Murray (by invitation)

The committee held three meetings during the 2016 financial year. The key issues which were considered by the committee during the current year included the following:

  • Appointment of a Chairman following Mr D M Nurek’s resignation on 19 June 2015
  • Recommendation that Mr R Stein remains on the board as a non-executive following his retirement in June 2015
  • Appointment of new CFO, Mr A E Thunström in July 2015
  • Following board changes this year, review and amendment of committee composition to ensure appropriate mix of skills
  • Oversight of board evaluation process with a key action being the recommended appointment of an additional director with international experience (completed with the appointment of Mr G H Davin in November 2015)
  • CEO and general succession

M Lewis


29 June 2016