The board is the ultimate custodian of the corporate reputation of TFG and its relationships with stakeholders. Therefore, we acknowledge the importance of proactive engagement.

Our stakeholder engagement approach is based on the principle of shared value. We want to create partnerships with a strong focus on public/private sector collaboration, knowing that our ability to succeed as a business is based on partnerships, including relationships with national employer bodies, trade unions, government ministries, higher education and revenue services, and relationships with our various suppliers. By working effectively with these stakeholders, we will not only contribute towards improving the lives of our customers, but also enhance our supply chain and its ability to support the competitive advantage of our brands.

We believe that value creation depends on the interactions of many stakeholders and that value delivery must turn this into a virtuous cycle. Therefore, our intent in engaging with our primary stakeholders is summarised as follows:

Stakeholder group Engagement intent


To maximise employee productivity, innovation and efficiency, and to minimise employee turnover by investing in training and development. We want to provide a rewarding work environment with market-related remuneration, attractive incentive schemes and supportive environments that contributes towards making us an employer of choice.


To maintain a positive relationship with current and potential investors through our transparent reporting, and by ensuring consistency in our trading performance.


To understand and respond to their preferences through a strong customer relationship management focus, our Rewards programme and online platforms. Customer insights allow us to grow our customer base and actively manage customer credit limits and account payments.


To strengthen and resurrect the South African clothing industry by investing in local procurement activities. We are committed to support the communities in the markets in which we operate.

Government and regulators

To maintain constructive relationships with key government departments, closely monitor policy developments and submit comments on new legislation, either directly, or through industry bodies.

Merchandise suppliers

To actively engage with suppliers to maximise buying efficiencies, improve speed to market and reduce potential external risks.

Key service providers

To ensure consistency and reliability of supply.

Landlords and concession partners

To optimise our location strategy for our various brands in the markets in which we operate.