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TFG creates value for our stakeholders based on the concept of shared value, which aims to address economic and social issues directly impacting the performance in the countries in which we operate. Shared value innovates across the value chain to increase productivity and create new markets or enabling environments. To qualify as shared value, initiatives must produce measurable results in both financial and social terms.

We create sustainable value in the following ways:


For customers:

  • providing a choice of local and international brands that are desirable, innovative and creative
  • giving access to responsible and affordable credit


For merchandise suppliers, landlords and concession partners and key service providers:

  • creating a profitable and sustainable market
  • developing an ethical local supply chain and optimised logistics
  • ensuring a reliable tenant with a long-term location strategy


For employees:

  • investing in employee training and development
  • providing a rewarding work environment
  • offering market-related compensation


For communities:

  • providing small business support
  • promoting entrepreneurial opportunities
  • providing employment in local communities


For government and regulators:

  • participating in the development and supporting of new regulations and legislation
  • participating in initiatives to improve competitiveness of the industry
  • contributing to fiscal revenue through our tax payments


Ultimately, for shareholders:

  • delivering long-term returns supported by good governance

Our business model presented below aims to show how our group’s activities are aligned with our key strategic objectives and the six capitals as defined by the Framework. These capitals are the resources and relationships we employ or maintain in our operations.



TFG’s pool of funds consists of funds reinvested in the group, revenue generated, interest income and a combination of long-term and short‑term loans and capital providers.


The stores, distribution network and general infrastructure throughout our markets, which enable us to procure, import, manufacture, deliver and sell our products and services.


The intangibles that constitute our product or service offerings and provide our competitive advantage.


The skills and experience vested in our employees that enable us to implement our strategy and deliver our products and services.

social and relationship

The key long-term relationships we cultivated with clients, suppliers and business partners, particularly to enhance Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment and facilitate job creation.


The resources we use for the production of goods, such as cotton, gold, silver and diamonds, monitored and managed to optimise our procurement practices and integrate sustainability enablers across the group.

STATEMENT OF Value creation

We deliver quality branded fashion, accessories, jewellery, sporting and outdoor apparel, homeware and furniture, and cellular goods and services at prices appropriate to each market segment we target, while providing shopping experiences at convenient locations, including online.


 products, services,
 by-products and waste



 increased, decreased or
 transformed capitals

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